Bakery & Cafe Established July 13, 2014

We’ve taken culinary traditions from the old world and modern approaches to exceed customer expectations. We offer sweet, savory, and surprising baked goods to you, your family, and your friends. We hope only to be an accessory, a figure, a reminder of the simple things in life. As you speak, sing and celebrate, we shall remain in the middle of the table; those around us wondering what the event will taste like…

Breakfast or Lunch, your taste buds will be happy!

"Bake 360 is one of those rare places that has made me take a step back and reconsider where my personal bar was at for an entire class of food. I will never be able to enjoy a run of the mill croissant again. 5/5. Would recommend."
Matt Sartori
Guy Who REALLY Likes Good Food
Salmon Eggs Benedict

Delicious Pastry

Our bakery is home for us, and we bring that feeling to everyone who bites into one of our flaky, buttery croissants.  


More croissants

Join us for lunch!

We start serving our cafe menu when we open, and continue into the afternoon.  Sip a cup of coffee while enjoying a croque madame or enjoy a soda while nibbling on our house-made, chili-verde covered huevos rancheros.

Seasonal Delights

Whether you are looking forward to our Strawberries en Glace for Valentines day, one of our delicious homemade pies during the holidays or would like to special order a world-class kransekake, we can help make your special occasion one to remember. 


Come join the Olsen extended family!

We are a family-run business, and want to treat you the same way that we'd treat our brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins and all of the rest of the Olsen clan.  We put the same love into our service that we put into every morsel that we prepare.