Jan 23

Pancake Poll: Europe vs. U.S. in a Competition of Mouth-Watering Proportion

One of the most popular items people expect to see when they come to a Draper café is the pancake. And who would Bake 360 be without a unique take on this traditional offering?  We put aside the mounds of butter and imitation maple syrup; instead, we load our Norwegian pancakes, Savory Blinis and Dutch Baby with natural ingredients and complements that will leave you both surprised and content. On February 1, we will change our hours to introduce these special items available for Saturday and Sunday brunch.


Norwegian Pancakes

Norwegian Pancakes

Norwegian Pancakes

You have probably heard of or even eaten Swedish pancakes before. Some say that there is no distinction between Swedish and Norwegian pancakes. Others claim that Norwegian pancakes are just slightly thicker, with a texture that has a tiny bit more egg to it. Either way, you will find that Scandinavian pancakes do not have the cakelike bite of American pancakes. They are cooked very thin and delicate, not unlike a crèpe. The trick, as you have long since learned is a specialty at our European bakery, is in the filling. We serve the pancakes traditionally, rolled and filled with hazelnut crème, lemon crème or crème fraîche and raspberry preserves. Topped with fresh berries, you will delight in this sweet brunch treat.


Savory Blinis

Salmon Blini

Salmon Blini

We know that some of our customers love to have a sample plate with lots of different tastes presented. If you are one of them, we have something special just for you. Our savory Blinis feature a leavened crèpe with topping combinations that will shock your taste buds and make you smile. Each platter offers four unique garnishes, including:

  • Smoked salmon, hard-boiled egg, crème fraîche and chives
  • Roast beef, tomato, caramelized onion and horseradish crème fraîche
  • Shrimp in dill mayo, hard-boiled egg and microgreens
  • Turkey, Jarlsberg, lingonberry and microgreens

Each bite transports you to another region, from the beach to the garden to the rustic mountain valley. It is a trip that you should not miss.


Dutch Baby

Dutch Baby

Dutch Baby

You may read the name and think, what on earth is a Dutch Baby and what does it have to do with pancakes? And at our Draper café, we are happy to answer that question for you. A Dutch Baby is a German pancake that is served with whipped butter, lemon, and sugar or loaded with apples, cinnamon and sugar. Unlike Norwegian pancakes, German pancakes live large. They are risen and thick, with a rich texture and flavor. Originally, the Dutch Baby was much smaller than a German pancake. Ours, of course, is bigger than life and full of all the goodness you want in a pancake. The secret to a Dutch Baby is all in the pan. This dish does take about 25 minutes to prepare, but we can tell you, it is more than worth a little extra wait.


With these new dishes for our new brunch hours, we hope you will cast your vote in our pancake poll. Norwegian Pancakes, Savory Blinis and Dutch Baby will provide you with all the sensory pleasure you need at the table, and fill you up as well. So, put on your slippers, throw on a coat and come see us for a treat that we are sure cannot be beat.

Jan 08

Instead of Hot and Heavy This Valentine’s Day, Aim For Decadent and Distinctive

Now that the craziness of the holidays has passed, we can move on to one of the more relaxing and fun celebrations, St. Valentine’s Day. At Bake 360, we are just warming up into this most romantic of holidays in our European bakery. Even though the history of St. Valentine’s Day is a little murky and its original intent unclear, you will find our seasonal selections absolutely on-the-mark. For your sweetheart, consider ordering some of our sumptuous strawberries en glace, or a small heart-shaped Sacher Torte.


Strawberries en Glace

Strawberries en Glace

Delightful Selections

Have you ever seen our strawberries en glace? They are a sight to behold. Imagine large, juicy, long-stemmed

strawberries. Our Draper café gets the freshest of the early strawberry season. We dip them in a sweet syrup glaze that covers them with a beautiful sheen. Pick one up by the stem, and taste a true bite of heaven. It is a little treat that you can send to the lover in your life.

Heart Shaped Sacher Torte

Heart Shaped Sacher Torte

You know that we would not leave you without a decadent chocolate choice as well. And for that, we at Bake 360 bring you the Sacher Torte. This cake hails from Vienna and is rather exceptionally popular in Europe. Imagine a moist, delicious

chocolate cake. We cut it into the shape of a heart and cover it with our rich chocolate ganache. What better way to provide a culinary serenade to your love than with a fantastic representation of your own heart?

Now that the weather has finally cooled down, we at Bake 360 are just heating up. On your way to or from the slopes, stop by our Draper café for a hot drink and a treat. While you are at it, order one of these luscious desserts for the holiday. St. Valentine would approve.

Dec 08

Butter, Spices and Fruit, Oh My! Holiday Breads For the Best of Us

The holiday season is here. And, before we put up our decorations and enjoy the winter music, we should consider what to serve at our annual feasts. At Bake 360, we highlight the most delectable foods of Europe in our Draper bakery. And, the Christmas season is a perfect opportunity for us to shine like the stars. With holiday breads such as Stollen and Julekake, your parties will be a hit this year.

Made with candied citrus and marzipan filling

Made with candied citrus and marzipan filling

Stollen is a traditional German bread that now is much more like cake, filled with fruit and other flavors. As with many of the lovely holiday breads featured at our Draper bakery, the story of Stollen begins with butter. Centuries ago, Stollen was made during the Christian season of Advent, which represents the four weeks before Christmas. Advent is a period of fasting, during which butter was not permitted in baking. Without butter, Stollen was hard, dry and tasteless. Famously, in the 15th Century, a German prince wrote to the pope in Rome, asking for his permission to use butter instead of oil. When the pope gave permission, the modern Stollen was born.
Using butter, Stollen is rich and flavorful. The Stollen we make at our European bakery uses only the best, cultured European butter for a delicate texture that will finally put your terrible memories of dry fruitcake to rest. We create candied citrus and marzipan for the Stollen’s delicious filling. Then, we wrap the bread over and provide a light dusting of sugar like an early winter frost.
Raisins and cardamom combined to create exceptional flavor

Raisins and cardamom combined to create exceptional flavor

The second bread we are pleased to present is Julekake, the traditional Christmas bread of Norway. Julekake is a raised sweet bread with fruit and spices included for a unique taste. Our Julekake is round and delightfully brown on top. We add raisins for a sweet, punchy bite and a pleasing texture. You may find it an excellent bread to slice and serve with butter for breakfast.
One nice thing about the holidays is that we get to do special things we might not the rest of the year. But, this season will not last forever. To enjoy our unique and exciting Stollen and Julekake, stop in soon to our European bakery.

Dec 04

The Wreath, the Log, and the Pretzel: Traditional Holiday Desserts of Scandinavia and France

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! But, inside our European bakery, the holiday season is starting to heat up. We know that you are looking for something to surprise and delight family and friends during holiday celebrations. And, if you are hankering for something a little sweet, we have the cure. Our Kransekake tower, our Bûche de Noël, and Kringle pastry, look fantastic and taste even better.



At our Draper café, we love Kransekake for the holidays because it reminds us of an evergreen tree with a little snow on top. Kransekake is made of concentric rings of cake held together with a rich royal icing. Those rings lead some to call it a “wreath cake,” making it the perfect choice for Christmas and other winter parties. But, as much as it will pain you to break into this cake, you will be so glad you did. We create an almond confection that is firm on the outside and chewy inside, making every bite a little celebration of this traditional cake of Norway.



Bûche de Noël

Buche de Noel (2)There is a story about why cake, shaped like a log, is a traditional dessert served at Christmas time in France, Quebec and French colonies.  If you’re not familiar, we encourage you to explore it.  Although the idea of consuming a log adorned with mushrooms and berries doesn’t excite the appetite, enjoying a roulade made from light sponge cake and hazelnut buttercream, adorned with marzipan confections offers a new perspective.




KringleWe’ve got you covered for the celebrations. Now, you just need a little something for breakfast on a cold, cold winter morning. Enter the kringle, which has become a symbol for Danish baking worldwide. In our European bakery, we stuff kringle with the perfect balance of light and satisfying ingredients. Our delicate, flaky, buttery pastry has a hint of cardamom and is filled with almond and raspberry preserves, or vanilla bean custard if you prefer. Cut a slice for everyone at the breakfast table, and you will be a hit this season.


At Bake 360, we remember that the holidays are a time for whimsy and wonder. That is why we offer some of the most enigmatic but timeless desserts of Scandinavia and France. Stop by our Draper café and place an order for Kransekake, Bûche de Noël, and Kringle, before these holiday treats melt along with the snow.

Dec 01

With This Sandwich, Pork Belly Meets Your Belly

The temperature may be dropping slowly, but here at Bake 360, we keep it warm and cozy. To achieve this, we are adding items to our menu that remind us of warmer climates and excellent island breezes. Our Draper café’s take on the savory Cuban sandwich may just make you feel as if you just stepped off the boat in sunny, humid South Florida.


Sandwich Traditions

Florida is home to many immigrants from the island country of Cuba. As the story goes, Cubans fled their country to avoid Spanish rule. With them, they brought a taste for a particular kind of hearty, meaty sandwich. Cuban immigrants had a preference for a particular kind of crusty bread. Then, they added ham, roasted pork, pickles and Swiss cheese. Topped with mustard, this made for a solid, protein-packed sandwich that appealed to workers in the cigar factories popular in Florida’s Key West in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


A New Approach With Fine Ingredients

The BAKE 360 Cuban

In Draper café and European bakery Bake 360’s quest for culinary excellence, they present the Cuban sandwich, a gourmet approach to an old classic.

At Bake 360, we certainly can appreciate a sandwich that leaves you feeling satisfied. And yet, we wanted to add to it, in a way that makes it uniquely ours. Chef Roy says that he prefers to use roasted pork belly instead of roasted pork because of the increased fat content. “Roasted pork belly is basically a slab of bacon,” Roy says, “and everything is better with bacon.” Truer words were never spoken. But, that is not where we stop. Consider our tasty sourdough, mouth-watering prosciutto, smooth Jarlsberg cheese, pickled red onions, Dijon mustard, and cornishons and caper berries on the side. It is a winning combination that will fill you up on a hard day’s work or a day out with friends.


We at Bake 360 want to provide you with a truly 360-degree view of world cuisine. As such, we present our unique approach to the popular Cuban sandwich with only the best ingredients. In the comments below, share your favorite sandwich. And then, come into our European bakery to try our delicious Cuban sandwich.

Nov 25

In a Thanksgiving Dessert Contest, Everyone Wins

Have you completed all your Thanksgiving shopping yet? If not, prepare for crazy crowds at the big-box stores. We want a fantastic holiday for every one of our customers this year that hopefully does not involve a frantic dash for the perfect dessert. Instead, you could stop by our Draper café and pick up a dish of delectability. Our pies are sometimes not pies, and our cakes are sometimes not cakes. But, they are exactly what you need for your party.

A Different Tradition

This piquant, colorful dish is a Scandinavian classic

This piquant, colorful dish is a Scandinavian classic

Before we get into all the deliciousness we have for you at our European bakery, we should talk about something we do a little differently on Thanksgiving. Most people think that they could not really have an American Thanksgiving without the cranberry sauce. And yet, that is precisely what we do at home. Instead of topping meats with cranberry, we rely on Rødkål to provide that hint of sweetness and bitterness we crave. Rødkål is actually made of red cabbage, cooked for hours in vinegar and apples to provide those complex flavors.

Cake vs Pie

When you come into our Draper café this week, you might see a few things that you would not expect. It is Thanksgiving, and we would be remiss if we did not have at least a few gorgeous pies for you to take home. But, all this discussion of pie goodness brings up the age-old argument: cake or pie? At Bake 360, we remain firmly on the fence. We are proud of our cakes and our tarts. But, we hope that our fantastic variety of desserts might tempt you to step outside the box and get something really engaging this year.

Unique Approaches

Boston Cream Pie

Sometimes, the name of the food is a delightful misnomer. For example, Boston cream pie is not actually pie. And, cheesecake is not a cake. What do we love about these desserts? They are rich, almost sinfully so. They fulfill our cravings for tastes from the traditions of the East Coast. But, what on earth is a Boston cream pie, if it is not a pie? It is a cake. Close your eyes and imagine it. Sponge cake, with a thick layer of vanilla bean pastry cream and topped with our luscious chocolate ganache. Who cares if it is not a pie? We certainly do not.

If you crave a cake that is actually a pie, you could always take one of the full-size sweet potato cheesecakes at our Draper bakery. Chef Roy says that he prefers to use sweet potato instead of pumpkin because sweet potato has more flavor. And, with all the nutritional benefits you get with sweet potatoes, you know you can justify the indulgence. Our cheesecakes are made with crème fraîche and have that delicate texture you have come to love. Topped with the sweet and tart notes of the cranberry compote, the cheesecake has almost everything you love about Thanksgiving, hidden in each bite.

Classic Tastes

Dutch Apple Pie

Last, but certainly not least, we have our traditional pies. We do not often serve apple pies at our European café, but this is a holiday. As such, we have a Dutch apple pie that will knock your socks off. Envision crisp apples baked in a tender, flaky crust. The topping, a combination of flour, sugar and cinnamon with other flavors, makes it a part of Dutch cuisine dating back almost 400 years. Ready for something a little richer? Go for our classic chocolate pecan tart. Just the right balance of sweetness, nuttiness and tasty chocolate leaves you begging for more.

Oh, for a little more time to prepare! The time is running out this year. Why not make it easy? Take a chance on something a little different this year, or go for a classic. Just remember to stop by our Draper café before the big day, before all the tasty desserts make way for football and a little nap on the couch.

Nov 15

For Brunch, These Dishes Beat the Band

We know you love our variety of breakfast pastries, divine desserts and cookies. But if you have been in a hurry, you may not have had a chance to try us for brunch. Every bit of the quality you have come to expect from our European bakery has extended to our excellent Draper café. Take a moment to savor these descriptions of our most delightful brunch dishes. Then, stop by and try them for yourself.


Savory Meals

If you have ever been to Paris, you know that the French do breakfast with panache. That is why one of our most popular entrées is the Croque Madame. Imagine it: a slice of sourdough, layered with our luscious prosciutto and gruyère. We add two eggs, cooked over-easy, and a rich béchamel cream sauce. The result is protein-packed and sinfully delicious. For a lighter alternative, sample our Euro Breakfast. You get the same sourdough toast and your choice of prosciutto or smoked salmon. Scoop out a soft-boiled egg onto the bread and add tomato wedges, for a perfect bite.

 Croq Madame

Vegetarian Favorites

If this seems like a lot of meat for you, try one of the vegetarian offerings at our Draper café. You cannot go wrong with the Brioche French Toast. You get two slices of our lovely brioche with berries, whipped mascarpone and spiced syrup of Chef Roy’s own invention. Already love our French toast? Try the new Mushroom Frittata. A frittata is similar to a crustless quiche. We fill ours with savory mushrooms and top it with a flavorful gorgonzola béchamel.

 French Toast - Copy

When you come to our café for brunch, you get the benefit of excellent cooking and the delights of our European bakery. Stop in soon to try these entrées and others we have available.

Nov 06

European Butter: It’s Fat, Baby

A meal can only be as good as the ingredients used to make it. And, for our Draper café, we have to have the best. That means we are totally phat about our fat choices. When it comes to fat, we know that selecting butter with minimum water content and higher fat results in desserts that are tender enough to melt in your mouth, with a texture that cannot be beat.


The European Butter Difference

There are two fundamental differences between European butter and regular butter: culture and water content. European butter is also called cultured butter because the butter is cultured at room temperature, starting with yogurt or buttermilk. This time spent culturing, usually 12-24 hours, allows the complex flavors of the cream to emerge and develop. Then, the butter is churned. The second difference between the two butter types is water content. While the butter you buy at the store has a fat content of 81 percent (with most of the remaining percentage in water), European butter has a fat content of 83-86 percent.

Euro Butter

Water Matters

If you have ever made a pie crust or croissant, you know that just a few percentage points of water can make a huge difference in the texture of the dough as it bakes. Too much water sticks to the dough and creates a chewy mess in your mouth. That is why, in the desserts at our European bakery, we measure water content in tablespoons, not cups. When we use European butter for our pastries and tarts, we ensure that every bite you take has the perfect texture–as flaky and delicate as you could possibly desire.

Pastry assortment

We at Bake 360 are delighted to see that butter is back in action. At our Draper café, we have the skills and the knowledge to work European butter into choice concoctions that will blow your taste buds away with their simple elegance.

Oct 24

Crème Fraîche: Why You Need It For Your Cheesecake

Is there anything more tantalizing than a cheesecake? Rich and mild, smooth and creamy, cheesecake delights us in more ways than we can describe. Sometimes, we ponder over the ingredients­–cream cheese, cream, eggs and sugar, among others–and wonder how it all comes together. And yet, there are so many possible variations in the ingredients themselves. Our European bakery shows you why crème fraîche is the most important ingredient in our delicious cheesecakes.


What is Crème Fraîche?

In short, crème fraîche is cultured cream. Add a little cultured buttermilk to cream and allow it to sit covered at room temperature for a couple of days. All of the goodness in the world sits in that culture. In time, the cream will thicken into a richer, smooth consistency. This is how Chef Roy makes crème fraîche for the cheesecakes at our Draper café. Crème fraîche is made in much the same way that you might culture yogurt or sour cream. And yet, crème fraîche retains much of the original sweetness of the milk.


What Makes Crème Fraîche Better?

Therein lies the difference between crème fraîche and other, tart alternatives. And, it perfectly describes our preference for this ingredient over the typical sour cream. Chef Roy says that crème fraîche is sweeter, but it is also smoother. It makes for a cheesecake that is amazingly velvety, without any of the structural inconsistencies you might find in a traditional New York cheesecake. At our European bakery, we currently offer our standard crème fraîche cheesecake, and our luscious sweet potato cheesecake with cranberry compote.


A little culture is always a good thing. And at Bake 360, we strive to provide our customers with the best dishes, made from ingredients of the highest quality by our expert chefs. When you come to our Draper café, be sure to take an opportunity to taste our crème fraîche cheesecakes. They are little round pieces of heaven.

Oct 15

Smørrebrød: A Deliciously Rich History

Ah, the sandwich. It is so simple, and yet it is so much more than just meat on bread. At Bake 360, we are proud to offer Smørrebrød, the traditional open-faced sandwiches of Scandinavia. Its history is undoubted, and its practicality undenied. A piece of hearty, healthy bread topped with meat, cheese, vegetables and sauce, we find that the smørrebrød in our Draper café has the potential to border on the sublime. Venture with us into the past as we explore the history and modern renewal of this Nordic classic.

A Rye History
Our discussion of smørrebrød must start with bread, since all open-faced sandwiches require that basis. The Danes have been baking rye bread (Rugbrød) for over 1,000 years, claims the official website for the city of Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital. This bread is particularly nutritious, high in fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. It also has no fat, and takes about 24 hours to prepare. Today, Rugbrød is big business in the Nordic countries, not to mention our European bakery. Denmark’s population of around 5.5 million still consumes about 8.5-9 million slices of rye bread, every day.

Feeding the Working Class
With such a longstanding position in the community and culture, it makes sense that practically everyone eats rye bread. In centuries past, bread was even more important. Without a plate or handy utensils, putting slices of meat and cheese on bread made transporting food very simple. And as such, Smørrebrød was born. Experts date the original rise in popularity of the open-faced sandwich to the 1840s. Working class people took several slices of Smørrebrød in a packet to work. The hearty meal fit the working class’s need for calories, fat and protein, and made for easy consumption and cleanup. In time, open-faced sandwiches spread to other parts of Scandinavia, especially Norway.

Smørrebrød’s Return to Vogue
While some argue that smørrebrød is an antiquated offering, we believe it should be brought to the forefront as a truly unique part of Nordic cuisine. People now work primarily in offices, instead of outside or in the factories. They no longer need the simple open-faced sandwiches for their daily meal, many say. But, the convenience, variety and delight that is smørrebrød continues. We argue it is time to reinvent the old classic for a modern audience. Using only high-quality ingredients made in-house as much as possible, chefs present this approach to lunch in a way that reminds people that simple food may also be delicious, if it is also made well.Our Smorrebrod

Modern Offerings
It is with your pleasure in mind that we bring smørrebrød to our Draper café. We note that many in the Salt Lake Valley have a proud Scandinavian ancestry. And with a modern approach to the open-faced sandwich, we show our customers what once was, and what can be again. Our smørrebrød range from the traditional to the trendy, including:
• Shrimp with a sliced boiled egg
• Smoked salmon with a sliced boiled egg
• Roast beef with Jarlsberg cheese
• Herb-roasted turkey with Jarlsberg cheese
• Bleu cheese with apple and bacon
• Mozzarella, tomato, cucumber and basil
All of our Smørrebrød feature house-made sauces from the hearty to the delicate. For greater descriptions of these fantastic dishes, check out our menu.

With our tour complete, we realize that smørrebrød has an important place in society today, just as it did in the past. But, we are not bound by the limits of tradition in the choices we can make for this enigmatic open-faced sandwich. In our Draper café, the only restrictions we see are the ones placed by our creativity and our customers’ willingness to try something new. So when you come to visit us next, put aside your expectations and try one of our delicious smørrebrød. You will be glad you did.

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